Week 16 in Review

This has been one heck of a day and as this day nears an end I am soooo ready to go to bed!!! But I will stay up and watch a movie with Big Daddy. It has been a loooooooong week for us and with a huge hiccup in our day, today, we will be catching up on school tomorrow... sigh. But only 5 more weeks and our year will be done. We can do it, we can do it, we can do it!!!!! I was able to finally decide on a school logo, let me know what you think!!!!

The verse is the same verse as what is in my header.

In May I am going to look into getting this logo on red T-shirts for everyday wear and then on a white polo for special field trips. This will go on the back of the T-shirts and on the front I will have MSA. Has anyone else done T-shirts for their homeschoolers or organizations and could give me any tips or recommend a company to go through??? Thanks!!!!

JJ being cool!!

LJ making a balloon doggie for his baby sister!

CJ being silly in her Cary Hairbow


Alicia said...

I am totally looking forward to the end of our school year too!! It can't come soon enough!

I love the hairband on your princess!! She is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have thought you were crazy for organizing :) I would have thought exactly this - "good for her" :). It's hard for me to get anything done if things are not organized.