Week 2 in Review

To be honest, I am still trying to get use to the fact that my little girl cut off all her hair. Here she is holding an invitation I made for her 3rd birthday party.

It reads "Mirror, mirror the one you see is invited to CJs 3rd Birthday Party." on the back of a hand held mirror.

We are back on track with completing our journey through the ABCs with JJ. And our craft for this week had to do with our 5 senses. Each of the kids put on a puppet show and told what their body part did. It was really cute and they had a blast!!

I'm gearing up for Market Day on Saturday and hope to sell a couple of personalized notepads. We are also very excited that Big Daddy has a 96 so he will get Monday and Tuesday off from work. I hope to have lots of pics to show next Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

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