Bringing Dinner to the Table Week 3

Well last week was a bit challenging. I forgot to take pictures of our meals, which might be a good thing cause nothing was prepared as I had originally planned. Oh well, just gonna dust myself off and try again this week. So here is what I have planned for the week of Dec 7th-11th:

Day 1 Spaghetti Carbonara, Italian Zucchini & Peach Banana Freeze

Day 2 Chicken and dumplins & Apple Crunch

Day 3 Easy Chili, Sour Cream Cornbread & brownies

Day 4 Pork Chops over Rice, Skillet Corn & ice cream

Day 5 Broccoli Chicken Quiche & Melt-aways

FYI, Day 6 is usually a Homemade Pizza or eat out night and Day 7 is my use it up night.


I am sadly learning that I still spend way too much time out of the house. And honestly it has been a bit hard trying to reason with myself about the importance of being at home. Let's face it, it's not all fun and games and everything doesn't always smell like roses but I know this is where I need to be. I have finally come to the conclusion that if I need to be home then I'm going to do it MY WAY. As in not trying to keep my house the same way other moms might or keeping the same school schedule that others do. Because we are traveling a path less taken, although more frequent these days, I have to realize that means I've got to figure a lot out on my own and not try to find someone else who has the answer. I was having a discussion during a hormonal day with Big Daddy where I told him "Instead of looking at what hasn't been done, focus on what I have done." And you know what? I really should have told myself that. I get so overwhelmed by what I don't get done; I don't get a chance to enjoy what I have accomplished. And when you really think about it, comparing ourselves to others isn't fair to them or ourselves because we are comparing the best of what they are showing to the worst of what we know about ourselves. Isn't exactly a fair playing ground when you think about it that way is it? So if you would like to play along I would love for you to write three things you like most about yourself, in my comments and I just might be able to send that wonderful you, you are, a little something just in time for the New Year!!!!!

My list:

1. I have a lot of patience

2. God has gifted me with mercy. And although this can seem like such a burden to carry at times, I would not trade being able to be so sensitive to others needs for anything in the world!

3. I don't buckle under stress


And the winner of 20 Thank You Note Cards is……….

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Dusti said...

I stopped by from raising olives. I love your blog header. Staying home is not always easy. I am trying to make home-made meals. Do you find a menu plan helps you stay on track with that and keep your expenses down?