A Vision is Born

August 17,2009

22...A transformed woman will embrace the transforming God!....33-34"This is the brand-new covenant that I will make with Israel when the time comes. I will put my law within them—write it on their hearts!—and be their God. And they will be my people. They will no longer go around setting up schools to teach each other about God. They'll know me firsthand, the dull and the bright, the smart and the slow. I'll wipe the slate clean for each of them. I'll forget they ever sinned!" God's Decree. Jeremiah 31.

As our new school year is creeping closer, I have been prayerfully considering what our Bible Verse would be for the focus of School Year 09-10 and then I read Jeremiah 31: 22,33-34. And all seemed to fall into place. I have been struggling with the validity of teaching my children the 10 Commandments. Oh they know them but I was in prayer about the necessity at such a young age. Would they really understand, would it encourage works vice faith, most importantly was I setting them up to be yoked with the bondage of sin instead of the freedom of salvation. After reading 33-34 I knew my answer was awaiting me and as I prayed for clarity the Lord revealed that yes I do need to teach my children, as young as possible the 10 Commandment. Specifically so that they will have this knowledge within there heads and it will be easier for them to understand when Christ writes it upon their hearts. Not foreign but something familiar and will be accepted with greater ease.

These verses really sum up what our motivation is for this coming school year. We are advancing with great confidence and purpose. Myself, confident not in my abilities but in the fact that God will provide. Secured in the decision to homeschool and that it is what is best for our family and a part of Gods plan to grow us as a family. And most importantly that each one of our children will be able to say yes, I know God first hand because my Savior is Jesus Christ.

Wow, if that doesn't get you pumped up for a new school year, I'm not sure what will!!

Father, my Creator and author of all good things!! You have given me this day, now what would you have me do with it? May I have the discipline to be still and wait for your answer. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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