The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands

I finished this book last week and boy did it leave me with my jaw on the floor. It is accurate, gets to the point asap, and if you are a good hearted woman it will change your marriage forever. It amazes me how many people have judged this book before they have even read it and those who have read it have ALL sang it's praises. Laura has open my eyes to how selfish I have become in my marriage when it comes to my husband. How I will give and give and give for those at church, my friends, my children and even myself but how quickly I am to say: "Tough luck buddy, I've spent myself to the max today and I've got nothing left for you!" Have I out right said that, no but that is what he hears when I am "Not in the mood." or can't find time in my schedule for a bit of flirting or conversation that focuses on just him. And as I thought about this post, it occurred to me what wife, with children would not rush out to by a book called "The Proper Care and Feeding of our Children" but scoff at the notion of a book called "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands". I think if your reaction is anything but "ohhh, I think I should read that." you've been duked by feminism into believing you husband's emotional needs and physical needs don't matter but buddy you better make sure you get what you deserve as a woman. What rang so true is how we expect our husbands to be our Knight in Shining Armor yet we no longer have a desire to be his Damsel in Distress? We get caught up in the kids, careers, social obligations we forget our first and most important role as Wife. Think about it, how many people say I'm a stay at home wife or we are a homeschooling family. Usually its I'm a stay at home mom or a homeschooling mom, you get the picture. So if you won't read the book, I would encourage you to think of one way you can be a wife to your husband and not the mother of his children.

Aug 20: Habakkuk
Aug 21: Jer 41-45
Aug 22: Jer 46-48
Aug 23: Jer 49-50
Aug 24: Jer 51-52
Aug 25: Lam 1:1-3:36
Aug 26: Lam 3:37-5:22

Father, thank you for my husband who has show me so much love and commitment. May I not forget so easily the vows I made before you and to him. Continue to mold my heart to desire to love, please, honor, and respect my husband. May I glorify you in my attitude towards my husband. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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Wendi said...

AMEN Brande, I too read this book while my husband was in Iraq. I am not sure he knew what hit him when he came home to a new and forever improving wife. We have to realize that the children grow up and leave home and all we will have left is "us". If we do not properly nuture and 'feed' this relationship we will have nothing.