Lord Teach Me To Pray: Day 17

July 19, 2009

It never really dawned on me, until today, that when a promise arises in the Bible there is also a condition that goes with it! And to know those conditions we must know God's Word and that can only be achieved by reading the Bible daily. Does that seem daunting, like you could never do it? Well let me ask you this, if we don't have time to make room in our schedule for God what right do we have to think we can ask anything and it will be given to us? Which flows right into what God has been revealing to me in my quite time:
July 18:
-what keeps me out of the hearts of my children:
+ my computer use
+ their T.V. & game time

July 19:
-what is one thing that keeps me in my children's heart:
+ reading to them, they really love to be read too!
(Ponder: How does this parallel with your relationship with God)
1) What keeps my focus off of God:
+ computer use and T.V. watching
2) What keeps my focus on God:
+ daily reading His word and scheduling my day around spending time with Him, instead of trying to fit Him into my schedule.

I love it when God uses my children to teach me something. So what is the Lord saying to you today?

Father, thank you that You do not give up on us, that you love us so much You will do what ever it takes to get our attention, not to punish us but because Your love for us does not wavier! In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I just found your blog through Totally Tots. I have found that my day must center around prayer in order for me to keep my priorities straight (ie. God's priorities for me). Thanks for this reminder! You have a beautiful blog!