Itch To Pitch: Week 5

Woops, I almost let this week slip by with out posting my Itch To Pitch, hosted by The Happy Housewife.

My area of concentration was CJ's closet!! The plastic bins, specifically, and the top closet with our extra blankets:

Here we are getting serious by dumping containers onto the train table:

Oh, you blinked!!! Bat Girl is in on the action and just helped me dump the drawers. Wow she's good!!!!

And there she goes again making sure all suspects have been apprehended and are incarcerated!!! What would I do without you Bat Girl?!

Now that is much better! All this closet needed was a little folding to be reformed!!!

We decided to put all the dress up clothes in the boys' room..

...which gave us lots of room in CJ's closet to store her bigger toys.

And what you all have been waiting for: 1 bag to pitch and 1 small bin to donate!!!. (The blue bin is where CJ keeps her stuffed toys and baby dolls so it stays lol.)

Bat Girl, thank you so much for saving the day. This pitch would not have been possible without your adorable smile and energy keeping me on my toes. You are the best!!!!!

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Savings Ninja said...

Wow great work! I am jealous of all that closet space. And Batgirl is super cute :)