Tackle It Tuesday: A New Month Already!!!

May 5, 2009

Which means all new goals!! So that is my tackle today: Set goals and review what I was able to accomplish in April. Alright ya ready.......

For April My goals were

Order Pictures for Calendarand even got them in the mail
Make 2 Dresses for CJ

These weren't the original ones I had planned on making but I wanted to use the shirts before she out grew them, lol.

Make PJs for Boys JJ got Dragon Ball shorts and LJ got camo shorts
Organize Laptop Photos although I did accomplish this I still need to do it again, guess I might actually catch up now that my camera is out of commission.
Modify bedding for CJ (didn't even get to think about this one)
Update Slideshow
So 5 out of 6, not bad!!!!

Last week I was very productive and got all things accomplished except getting the camera in the shop. Still searcing. My biggest accomplishment was polishing off my menu plan for May, here is a look at it:
Week One

Sunday    Cookies & Fruit      Open      Leftovers

Monday   French Toast    Sandwiches     Hawaiian Chicken    Corn on Cob & Rice

Tuesday  Breakfast Burritos    Easy Bake Ziti w/ bacon    Mexican Beef & Beans    Ice cream

Wednesday  Oatmeal    Sloppy joe pockets & f.fries    Sandwiches    Cookies

Thursday  Cereal      Chicken fingers & cheese mac     Kids Night     

Friday  Biscuits & Gravy     Sandwiches      N.W. beef and veg soup     Pumpkin bread

Saturday  Dad’s Choice      Meat filled crescent rolls     Jambalaya casserole    

Week Two

Sunday  Muffins & yogurt     Open      Leftovers

Monday  Waffles     Sandwiches      Steak Stroganoff     Corn & Broccoli

Tuesday  Quiche     Spaghetti & Garlic Bread     BBQ Pulled Pork     Cheese Veggies

Wednesday  Oatmeal     Fiesta Chicken Chowder     Sandwiches     Cake

Thursday  Cereal     Colorful Kielbasa     Lazy Day Stew     Biscuits

Friday  Cheese Toast & eggs     Sandwiches     Marinated Steaks     Salad

Saturday  Dad’s Choice     Chicken Quesadillas & Fried Rice     Spiral Ham     Black eye peas

Week Three

Sunday  Oatmeal     Eat Out     Leftovers

Monday  Muffins     Sandwiches     Beef Chimichangas     Cinnamon Apples

Tuesday  Hard Boiled Eggs & grits     Cheese Burgers & chips     Southern Pork Chops     Carrot Souffle

Wednesday  Pancakes     Split Pea Soup & Bread     Sandwiches     Brownies

Thursday  Cereal     Hot Dogs & BBQ Beans     Chicken Cacciatore     over pasta

Friday  Waffles     Sandwiches     Chicken in Raspberry Sauce     Fresh Veggies

Saturday  Dad’s Choice     Ramen noodles     Meatballs     Pineapple casserole

Week Four

Sunday  Oatmeal     Eat Out     Leftovers

Monday  Pancakes     Sandwiches     Chili Con Carne     Cornbread

Tuesday  Breakfast Wraps     Taco Rice     BBQ Chicken     Oven baked fries

Wednesday  Cereal     Veggie noodle bake     Sandwiches     Jello

Thursday  Quiche     Lazy Day Stew w/ noodles     Chicken pom-poms     Green Beans

Friday  Waffles     Sandwiches     Risotto w/ ham & peas    

Saturday  Dad’s Choice     Shrimp Stir-Fry     Date Night     Pizza for kids

And finishing off my April To Do accomplishments was this tackle that was long over due: The Cleaning of the Chairs.........

Ta Da

You can check out my new goals for May in my right column, then click on over to Tackle it Tuesday to see what May has got everyone else working on!!!

1. Print off pictures for Mother's Day gift
2. Drop off camera
3. Pay bills
4. Grocery shop

Father, help my children not to be like many others around them, but let them "be alert and self-controlled" in all they do. 1 Thes. 5:6


Anonymous said...

Let's tackle it, ladies! :o) Tuesdays are my bathroom and bed changing days.

I know our chairs need a good cleaning (think syrup for waffles x 3 years). Ha!

Ok, here is my list:

*pack lunches--done!
*ship boxes at the post office
*make cupcakes for Teacher's Day
*run to gym for an hour (trying to turn over a new leaf)
*clean the bathrooms (my usual Tuesday chore)
*strip beds
*run vaccuum downstairs
*finish sorting out the winter clothes from the kids' drawers (I started this Saturday--almost done!)
*pick up kids from school
*make dinner
*bathe and toss kids in newly made beds

...OK, let's tackle the sticky wooden kitchen chairs! WOOHOOOOO!

Tuesdays are usually very busy. I never get to my orders on these days. The only extras I am adding are the chairs and sorting closets! Ha!


shopannies said...

looks like you have a great plan and you will be busy

Upstatemomof3 said...

WOW!!! I don't think I am that productive in a year. Okay maybe in a year but still wow!!!

Susie said...

Awesome tackles!!

Kim said...

Oh wow! Very impressive! My Tackle It Tuesday

Danielle said...

You have been so busy! We also just made a month menu. It has been great! I love the dresses. Such a great idea. I think I am going to steal it from you! ;) Check out my Tuesday Tackle here.

Danielle said...

You are so funny! I have done exactly that stayed up until midnight folding laundry just so I can get it done! My husband is the one who has to take care of the folded clothes.

Organizing Mommy said...

Hey! I never hear from you anymore! I guess now that I am taking a break from Tackling for a while! I miss your funny comments. I'm hoping to get back into it, now that school has slowed down--we're on our last week.