Spotlight Saturday: For The Love of Tuesday

April 4, 2009

As I was going through blogs yesterday it was really hard to decide on who to spotlight this week as 1) there is such a great need for prayer out there

- I've had 2 friends who had parents with amputated legs, (one ended up having both)
- a blogger friend who's child had surgery
- continued prayer for previous spotlights
- Stellan is still in the hospital
- this list could go on and on and on, and in that trying not to feel defeated.

2) my heart is still so heavy for the Roy family that I just can't move past prayer for them.

So I felt it was an answer to prayer after coming across For Tuesday. I do hope you visit today, book mark this blog, and pray for one of these precious children and their families. Please leave a comment with whom God placed on your heart to pray for.

Here are some posts from Go Blog Yourself, written by Tuesday's mom:
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Cary Hairbows said...

That video was a beautiful tribute to a hero. My heart has been quite heavy for this family. I don't know them, but as a mother, wife...I am so sad. The Bible says that no death is untimely and is part of His almighty plan, but we all ask WHY NOW Lord??

Has the family left to go back to the US yet? I will continue to pray. I am very sorry. Sending you a squeeze, too, because this has been very difficult for your family as well. I will pray that the Lord continues to be near the broken hearted. May God continue to encourage you, lift you, and comfort you in His grip.