Tackle it Tuesday: The Chicken Dance

Just in time for the UBP!!! Alright everyone up on your feet and lets learn the Chicken Dance; if you don't already know it!!!

First make your beaks

Now make some chicken wings

Shake those tail feathers

And now clap four times

Repeat all the fun one more time:

Chicken Wings

Tail feathers

Clap four times

Now fly, fly, and fly some more.....

Let's try it with music. In my right column, underneath Video Spotlight is the music you need!! Once you've danced your little hearts out, take a seat and check out what's going on at Tackle It Tuesday and get in on all the action at the UBP 09!!!!

Wait.... there's more!!!

I was able to make some progress on my Running To Do List: Yeah!!!!

-february and march cards (if I can just get these out)
-notes for Children's Church (wow I'm on my 8 week break now)
-CJ's Minnie Mouse dress


(look what came in the mail from Cary Hairbows, I promise you we haven't planned these to match they just have and I love it!!!)

If I Can Find A Spare Moment:
-order pics for calendar
-cut out fabric correctly (should have some more pics next week once I get skirt sewn together!!!)

My Dream List:
-frequently called numbers list
-work on address book again
-finish de-cluttering the kitchen drawers(more on this soon!!!)
-work on CJ's summer dresses

1 comment:

Cary Hairbows said...

Oh, I love that Minnie hair baubble in your baby's hair! CUTE! :)

Thanks for showing me a picture! Can't wait to start Sponge Bob!