Week 6

February 4, 2009

Dear Father, how amazing it is to see how you took care of the Israelites, how patient you were with them, how you have never given up on them and still to this day call them a "people that belong to God." Father you have shown us the very same concern, patience, and adoption through Christ. Let us be cautious of the word we utter, being slow to grumble and quick to praise You Almighty God. Let us seek the manna that you provide us daily and be filled with what you supply us daily; not being in need and not wanting more than our share. Father, may Your Very Word be the hunger of our hearts and the nourishment we feed our hearts. In Jesus name we pray, Amen

Wow, Week 6 is almost here!!!! I do have to say that finally seeking God's word daily has become a habit. It has taken almost 10 years to develop this commitment to God in my life. How thankful I am for his patience. So if you are struggling in daily spending time with God, just don't give up. Each day is a new chance to meet with God, so what are you waiting for?

Feb 5: Exodus 19-21
Feb 6: Exodus 22-24
Feb 7: Exodus 25-27
Feb 8: Exodus 28-29
Feb 9: Exodus 30-32
Feb 10: Exodus 33-35
Feb 11: Exodus 36-38

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