The Tackle That Wouldn't End

February 24, 2009
Father, as we have read about what each clan and family from the line of Levi was responsible for concerning The Tent of Meeting; I am left asking myself how well do I take care of our church. Let us think about how we can better care for our churches and be mindful of their role in the worship we offer up to You. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

So I had an awesome day last week and tackled my relaxing with the utmost seriousness!!! Here are some pics of my Relaxing Day:

Here is me with my new haircut, decided to get some bangs!

Next stop was getting my toes done!!

My chauffeur for the day!!!

I didn't get any pics of the massage, but it was amazing!!! I could get one of those every month!!!!

Of course I was so rested up that the next day I was ready to go and even though it wasn't Tuesday I began tacklin' and it seemed I would never stop!!!

Here are some pics of me cooking two meals at 9AM, and I was done by 950AM!!!

Onions all chopped up

All the items I need to make my 2 meals

Browning 3 pounds of meat

CJ needed a refill

To save time I put away my spices as I use them and check what the next ingredent is...

While the meat drained I unloaded the dishwasher

Viola, I have my two meals done with time to spare!

But that wasn't the end, oh no. I was in a groove so I headed back to the boys' room and got working on their closets.....

Which lead to cleaning up under their beds....

So I figured I'ld round out their room by finally tackling their shoe drawers...
(I had my work cut out for me and such a cutie of an assistant)

(sorting those that don't fit and those to be donated)

(can you guess who's drawer is who's?)

But this wouldn't be The Tackle that never ended if that was all!!! Somehow I found time to make two dresses that were about as cute as the little lady that adores them as much as I adore her!!!!

Whew, this post was my tackle for today, lol. There are still more to check out, just stop by and see what the crew is working on today at Tackle It Tuesday!!!


Susie said...

Great tackle! See what a taking care of yourself can render? We should all do this:-)

Courtney said...

Wow, you were on fire!!!

Great job!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Awesome tackle! My little girls would love dresses like those!

itsahumanzoo said...

Wow that was quite a tackle! And those dresses are adorable, how do you make them?