Mama Mia

February 10, 2009
Father, all that I do today, may it be from a voluntary heart. May I desire to use what you have gifted me with for Your Glory and Your Will and not for my own gain. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen


I do and I had a bunch to Tackle today after my house exploded with Hot Spots this weekend!!!!

(I have an appt at 1pm today to take our Christmas tree and decorations to storage, Yeah.)

(Here is the counter top,home of the fish bowl, all nice and cleaned off. I think the fish is thankful that he no longer has to stare at boxes,lol.)

So my mission for today, go rescue the rest of my Hot Spots and regain some sanity in our home!!! Where are your infamous Hot Spots located? Mine #1 Spot is my desk!!!!

Last Week's List
Must Dos:
Finish E's quilt (not done but was able to get some quilting accomplished)

Pay monthly bills

Laundry (yes again but it's much less chaotic with my new "laundry table"
Prep Cubbie Crafts

Need To Do:
Finish Craft Schedule for Cubbies
Plan Week 2 and 3 of Elevate
Prep cooking
Cut out squares for CJ's quilt

Finish de-cluttering kitchen(not finished but made progress)

Want To Do:
Labels for date book
New address book
De-clutter master bedroom (only after done with kitchen)

Week Five Running To Do List:
Must Do:
HOT SPOT Rescues
FINISH E's quilt before 21st
Plan Week 3 for Elevate and look at Week 4
Send post cards

Want To Do:
De-clutter remaining drawers in Kitchen
Labels for date book
New address book
De-clutter master bedroom (only after done with kitchen)

Your To DO: Go check out all the other GREAT Tacklers!!!!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Great job!

Oh I can't wait for our mudroom to be complete this week! My entire house is a HOT SPOT - LOL!

I will be in sheer delight when our home is back to the organized sanity where I can think again and find things easily!

Forget about my desk! Until shelves are built - with 6 adoption paperwork and all that goes with that once they are home - there is never ending piles upon my desk! UGH! Oh well!

Love and blessings,

FromThe Creek said...

Great job!

Susie said...

Great tackles!! Good luck on what you have left to do:-)

Upstatemomof3 said...

I love the spice drawers. That is such an awesome ides. We have so many spices and they just over take my cabinet. You are much more productive than me. I am totally procrastinating cleaning my house and getting ready for company this weekend.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am going to go check out that blog you recommended.

Faith said...

Looking good. You have alot of spices!