Are You A One Way Street?

February 26, 2009

Father, how thankful we are that, because of Christ, we now have direct access to You. With Christ as our covering we can approach you blamelessly and talk with You. But let us not make our conversations a one way street by doing all the talking and none of the listening. Help each of us find a way to still our minds and hearts so that we can begin to process the death of Christ. Let us take the time to really understand the sacrifice He made for all and start living our lives in a way that shows Christ we do not tread lightly on the purpose of His Life, Death, and Resurrection. Guide us, Father as we walk the path to the cross and count each step it takes us to get there. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

I just picked up my devotion for Easter, not realizing that I was a day late as the readings begin on Shrove Tuesday and not Ash Wednesday. Opps. I started this last year but never made it past the first week. Thinking about it, how sad that sounds, I couldn't find 5 minutes a day to spend in the reflection of the Life of our Savior. And as I have been struggling with the issue of obedience to what the Lord is calling me NOT to do, I feel that all has come full circle. See two years ago we decided to homeschool our children and at that time I just had a 5 year old, 32 month old, and pregnant with our 3rd child. Things we very easy, LJ is eager to learn when he is ready. This has taught me to not push subjects before he shows interest or it will just be a headache. So for the last two years it's been smooth sailing, minus several bumpy months last year when Big Daddy was gone. We trudged through and survived. Then all things started to go teeter totter, when I began to implement this one little thing into my prayer. LISTENING. Oh my, what a HUGE difference that made. Too often we forget that God really does know it all!!! So when you want to make decisions or know His will, it really is as simple as listening to what He has to say. Of course, when I felt that I had gotten that LISTENING thing under my belt and thought "I was something", BIG MISTAKE, then God hits me with the Big Whammy. "Alright, L2L, you know what I want you to do, now I want you to do it." REWIND, what was that? Now I have to obey, oooh lets think about that one.

As elementary as that might sound, that is what I have been wrestling with, obeying God. It has given me a compassion for my children as I am starting to understand that at times we want to obey but just don't have the maturity to obey. God has shown me that I need to be more patient with my children in those times that I have to say the same thing over and oveR and ovER and oVER and OVER and OVER. Staying consistent until it clicks. Encouraging them by not changing my expectation AND not discouraging them by getting mad, or short tempered during the time it takes for them to "get it". Just as God has done with me over the last month or so. And so I take my first steps onto the path of obedience, trusting in Him and dying a little bit more to my flesh and living more for Him.

All That I Am by EverAfter

Lord, these lips get me in trouble
So many times a day
I'm so often feeling sorry
For the careless things I say
Your word says deep inside of me
Is where the trouble starts
My mouth just overflows
With what's already in my heart

So starting now
Starting now

All that I am
Is on the altar of You
Change my motivations
Change my attitude
'Cuz I can't change myself
But, Lord I know You can
All that I am is on the altar
So You can alter all that I am

Take this love of reputation
From this prideful heart of mine
Take out the prejudice, the arrogance
The selfishness You find
And if there's unforgiveness
Or some long forgotten grudge
Replace it with humility
Obedience and love


I want everything I am
To be all that You're about
So Lord I'm asking You
To make me new
From the inside out


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