WFW: 1 Chronicles 16:33

Then the trees of the forest will sing,they will sing for joy before the LORD,for he comes to judge the earth. 1 Chronicles 16:33

We recently took a trip back to the States to visit with family for Christmas. On this particular day I was waiting in the car as my mom dropped off some drinks to a friend. As I was enjoying the beauty of my surroundings my mind began to ponder these barren trees. Now this wasn't an original thought from me, as the discussion on trees originated at VisionWriters, but never the less here I was soaking in all God's magnificent creation. And then it hit me, all of the tree branches were raised to the sky as if in permanent adoration of the Lord!! As we drove around I was mindful of each tree and every one seemed to hold its branches in the same manner!!! It was amazing and thus this WFW was born.

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(also if you don't mind sharing, what do you use to prepare your pictures for WFW? As I am very new to this I am only using the paint application however I know there is something far better out there as I am in awe week after week of the glorious praises that are designed for our Lord on Wednesdays!!!)


Susie said...

Nature is always the best way to see that there is something much greater than ourselves at work here.

As for the pictures, I use a point and shoot camera, a light box and Photoshop. I want a better camera but, I am working with what I have right now.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments.

Amydeanne said...

a great post! I added you to Mr. Linky, sometimes it goes out.. issues from their end! but your' on now! i'll add you to the blog roll!

Jnette said...

Great scripture and thoughts!

A have a teen daughter who is a shutterbug and so we have alot of pictures at my disposal. For adding scripture we use gimp. It is free for download. I think it is

Welcome to WFW, I look forward to getting to know you.