Week 5

As I typed up the week we are heading into, it just blew me away that 4 weeks of 2009 have already passed and only 48 weeks are left in this year. Time does fly by when you are having fun, lol.

Jan 29: Gen 48-50
(Do you realize we just finished 2, yes 2 books in the Bible!!!!)
Jan 30: Exodus 1-3
Jan 31: Exodus 4-6
Feb 1: Exodus 7-9
Feb 2: Exodus 10-12
Feb 3: Exodus 13-15
Feb 4: Exodus 16-18

So are you too reading through the Bible this year? If so what plan are you using: Chrological, Begining to End, O.T., N.T.? What's your favorite translation?

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