Week 3

I wanted to quickly state that this is the most successful I have been in daily reading my Bible. Posting a prayer daily is just the accountability that I needed. I say this to encourage you to also seek out a method in which you daily read God's Word. Don't just settle for Bible Studies and Sunday Sermons. Don't just stand on the side lines experiencing God's Word through others encounters!! Rather dive in head first into His Word and have your own personal experience and come to know God through your own personal relationship. Do you KNOW God or know of God? Meet with Him today! Right where you are, he is waiting for you so what are you waiting on?

Jan 15: Job 40-42
Jan 16: Gen 12-15
Jan 17: Gen 16-18
Jan 18: Gen 19-21
Jan 19: Gen 22-24
Jan 20: Gen 25-26
Jan 21: Gen 27-29

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