The Path You Chose

When I woke this morning I was a bit confused as to what day I should be on. Since I am in Okinawa I am anywhere from 12 to 15 hours ahead of the US. To help me keep up with all my bloggy friends, however, I have chosen to keep the time on this blog as if it were Eastern Standard Time. This causes much confusion to a groggy head that hasn't had her coffee yet; as was the case this morning. After posting my WFW and the Weekly Reading Schedule, I was side tracked by my 3 blessings waking up and never got to posting my prayer yesterday. Thankfully, because of the time difference I have a grace period and this will still be posted on the 21st, I'm just a day behind in my personal reading. So thanks for hanging in there with me and sorry that this is a bit late today!!!!

January 21, 2008
Father, How in awe we should stand at the realization that Your Will, Will Be Done. Only do we determine the path that we will walk through our obedience to you. Help us to see the motivations of our hearts, so that our thoughts and actions will be pleasing to you. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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Rosie said...

My Mom would love to participate, my sister-in-law not so fact I didn't ask her. Trust me on that one!:)