Tackle it Tuesday: All done

So it's hard to believe this will be my last Tackle it Tuesday post for 2008. And I'm super excited about all that I was able to accomplish this week.(Here's a look at my To Do List from last week.)

Christmas Cards addresses and stuffed
ETC Crafts Planned
Pack suitcase (notice this is singular and not plural)
Do one last clean up of the apartment

And here is the fun part: my to do list for when we visit the States:
(in no particular order)

Greensboro Children's Museum

Four Seasons Mall

To do some serious shopping at
- The Disney Store
- The Discover Store
- Jo Ann's Fabric store
- Eat at Chick-a-fila
- Have pictures taken at The Picture People

I'm also super excited about several new restaurants that I have heard about and hope to take a road trip to New Bern and visit friends and our old church Brice's Creek Bible Church

And of course it will be great to see our family again and introduce them to CJ and hear their oohs and ahhs over how much the boys have grown.

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