Singing the Blues....

in Memphis. Well after 28 hours of air travel we finally arrived in Memphis is the great expectations of having only one more airplane ride before we arrived at our final destination. That wasn't to be the case, fog has kept us landed here and we are currently (well I should say the boys and Big Daddy) resting. CJ and I are having a ball in the lobby. Hopefully in 4 hours we will depart, although we are having to fly into a different airport and this will add 3-4 hours onto our driving time, it will be good to finally be home for Christmas!!!

So an update on our Blog PCS, I am in need of some help with redecorating at the new place as I have decided to have a nav bar added. This seems to be a bit more than I bargained for and I was hoping someone out there might be able to help me with setting up the links for my nav bar. (Which I have no idea what that means?!?!) I have tried to google only to come up with help for after you have your links but nothing about where or how to get those links up. Do I need to make a blog for each link I am wanting to have in my nav bar? Thanks for any help you can give this clueless blogging beginner. Well I must go for now. I pray that everyone enjoys their Christmas and I look forward to having you over to our new place at the beginning of the year.

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