Week in pictures

So this is how our week started..

LJ was sick again and this time it wiped him out. He slept for about 2 days, and of course on the second day he woke up at 1130 pm ready to go until I told him that it was still night and he had to stay in his room, but I did give him some yarn and crochet needle so he made me a necklace and his sister a braclet. He's my sweety!!

So LJ finally got to feeling better and the call of the ocean got the best of me today, I mean who can resist looking at this beautiful ocean day after day and not want to go down and visit...

When we arrived it was low tide, yea, so we got to walk out really far into the ocean; I'll post more pictures next week so you will now what I'm talking about. We saw sea cucumbers and hermit crabs, lots of little fish. It was alot of fun till I got home and realized that I was, none othere than..........

(Oh yeah, don't know how I forgot this but if you look closely there are dishes piled up on the counter. Well our drains got clogged and since I didn't have my cell on me yesterday I didn't get Big Daddy's call about the appointment for maintance to come. That resulted in us having to wait until 8am on Friday morning before we could run water in the kitchen.)

Sun burnt. I can already hear my mom saying, do you have any canned milk? No mom but I did go get cocoa butter and hitting up the motrin. Thankfully the kids didn't get too much sun. CJ has some rosey cheeks and JJ's neck got some extra sun, but over all not as nearly bad as it could have been. For that I am very thankful and going to start carrying sunscreen in my purse and the stroller. Have a great weekend and happy posting!

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