Running Through The House

Yep, the yuck bug hit us hard. Starting almost a week ago, I spent 7 hours in the ER with CJ and walked out with just Tylenol and advice to buy some pedilyte. We then spent the next 2 nights with little sleep as CJ was vomiting and didn't not sleep well because of some nasal congestion. Tuesday came and I thought we were in the clear; CJ's fever finally broke and all were happy until around 2 on Wednesday. That's when JJ let us know he was tired and was going to go take a nap, very unusual. I pulled him out of bed at 4 because I needed to go to the grocery store and it was very clear that he wasn't going anywhere but back home. When we got home he went straight to bed and did not get out until 7 this morning. It's Friday!!! Then yesterday afternoon, LJ fell asleep on the couch and just hung out in the living room for the rest of the evening. Around 2 this morning he woke up very frantic and upset. Turns out when he woke up his throat was so dry that he couldn't breath and it scared him. We ended up sleeping in the living room because I was afraid that he might wake up his sister, who by the way had been moved to his room when JJ first became sick. Now it is a waiting game as to whether Big Daddy or I will become sick as well. Time shall tell........

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