Mettle Monday: prayer and money

So we have LJ's prayer journal up and going and I am so pleased at the progress. After we read the Bible Study for the day and answer the Application questions his prayers reflect the knowledge that he is gaining!!!!!

**I use a program called StartWrite to print off his prayer so that he can practice his penmanship.

Now on to Part 2. Money. As of October 1st our boys will receive an allowance. This will be money not earned from chores but money that we will use to help guide them in developing good money management. They will be required to Tithe 10%, Save 20%, and buy their own toys from now on. I am going to also have LJ maintain a Wish List to help curb impulse buying and also set a long term goal in the area of money. All this is tying in nicely with the Math study of money and how it warms my heart that God is opening so many opportunities for me to teach my children about him, educating the heart as well as the mind!!!!! (Oh yes, I forgot the mention the best part of the boys getting allowance; at least from my point of view, he-he. If the boys fail to complete their personal and family responsibilities, they then have to pay mom or dad 25 cents for each responsibility we have to complete for them. This has been a real motivator in getting each task accomplished.)

Check back next week and see how the boys learn how to BEE-HAVE.

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