I wanted to share with you a wonderful experience we had on Sunday after church. A weekly routine for us is to go out to lunch following service. Kinda a way to give me a break from cooking and enjoy the day together. Usually as we wait for our meal to be served it can be a bit of a stressful time with the kids. Sometimes they are tired, hungry, or both and that isn't always the best mix in a restaurant. However, last Sunday was a day enjoyed by all and we will definitely strive to make more Sundays this enjoyable. As we waited for our meal, the restaurant didn't have any crayons for the color sheets. So I decided to pop out LJ's Sparky book and practice with him the books of the Old Testament and his memory verse for the week. As LJ and I are working on the names of the books, JJ starts blurting out, God is truthful, John 3:33 and All Have Sinned and While we were sinners Christ died for us. It was the one time that neither Big Daddy and I told him to use his indoor voice. How blessed we both were that here is our son so boldly proclaiming Gods word to an entire restaurant. And as I type, LJ has perfected the books of the Old Testament he needs to recite tonight and learned another memory verse, Ephesians 4:32. How my heart SHOUTS for joy as my children hide God's truth in their hearts and have so much fun doing it. I am thankful that to them Hell is a place you go if you don't ask Jesus to be your Savior and not profanity spouted in ignorance. The amount of information our little ones can absorb is unimaginable and the reality of the matter is they are a direct reflection of their environment. An environment that as parents we are responsible for ensuring is safe, appropriate, and a direct reflection of the morals and values we want to instill in them. After all learning does not happen spontaneously, children are taught all that they learn. The question then becomes who is your child's teacher, you or the world?

And having said that, the Jobe Family will, as of tomorrow, institute Turn-Off Thursday. We will close the T.V. cabinet each Thursday and begin a journey of seeing how much fun we can really have without the distraction of the T.V. And for me, Momma J, I will not be on the computer once my children wake until they go to sleep, so that will be my Turn-Off. Tune in Friday,he-he, to see how it went and what we did. Also, do you do the same thing? What do you do to fill the time that would otherwise be wasted in front of the T.V., leave a comment and let me know!!!!!!!

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