Mettle Monday

I wanted to introduce you quickly to something we had decided to do this
school year: Mettle Monday. This morning I will begin LJ's prayer journal. I have been prayerfully considering how to introduce this to him and yesterday as Big Daddy finished a worksheet with the boys, I found the perfect source of topics for his journal!!! We ues wonderful worksheets called Bible Study Guides For All Ages. We are not using the whole worksheet this year as I use AWANA verses for the Memory section and omitthe Time Line section.We do use Discover the Bible and Application sections.

In the Application Section there is a picture to color along with questions to ask your child(ren) that ties into the Bible Verses covered for that day, and it always has prompts for praying with your children!! What better way to help LJ begin his growth in prayer by documenting his everyday converstations with God AND the knowledge that he is learning! My goal for Mettle Monday is to foster in my children a disposition and temperament to seek after God's own heart!!

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