Tackle it Tuesday

So I ran across this as I was clicking through some blogs and thought it sounded like fun, okay so everyone has their own definition of fun. Anyway, its called Tackle It Tuesday . What you do do is take before and after pictures of ANY project you are setting out to do. Since I don't have a working camera I will start out with at least listing some projects that come to mind right now:
- cut out and mount all my stamps
- make cards for August and September
- make a birthday present {for someone special!}
- rearrange children's books and put them in their rooms
- make that purse for myself
- make Cera's quilt {oh that one is way over due!!!}
Okay that is it for now or I will get overwhelmed!!!!!!!!!!!!
- alright just one more that I need to add go through closets, ugh.

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